Thank you for your interest in Dawson County. The following is a list of important information about business in Dawson County;

Gigabit Community: The Authority was a founding partner in the now nationally recognized North Georgia Network (NGN). NGN provides world-class 100% pure fiber broadband to the commercial areas of our county. This redundant looped network means you can connect to the internet with 100 Mbps service in an instant. If you have even greater data needs NGN can provide up to 1 Terabit per second directly to your site. NGN has been operational since 2012 with five “9s” reliability. No middle mile providers like AT&T, Comcast or Windstream are involved. The NGN network allows Dawson County to be one of only five counties in the entire state to have the Gigabit Community designation. Why wait for Goggle Fiber? NGN provides that level of service in Dawson County today.

Workforce Development: The Authority partners with Lanier Technical College to provide on the job training tailored to the specific needs of your business. The Georgia Manufacturing Robotics Center of Excellence is located only 30 minutes from Dawson County providing research, and assembly process development to interested manufacturing and processing businesses. We also collaborate with the University of North Georgia to provide business consulting and internships along with the specialized services of the Center for the Future of North Georgia and the BB&T Center for Ethical Business Management.

Grant & Incentive Status: For 2016, Dawson County has a Tier VI State Job Tax Credit status but is also an active member of a regional joint development authority that allows certain industries additional benefits under several state incentive programs. We are part of the Region 2 Economic Development Department’s business support team and utilize the services of the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission for federal and state grant applications. Dawson County remains a member of the Appalachian Regional Commission that makes us eligible for select ARC grants and programs.

Demographic Orientation: Dawson County is amongst the fastest growing counties in the state of Georgia. While the population is around 23,000, the labor pool draw covers five surrounding counties with a total population of over 900,000 people. The nationally known North Georgia Premium Outlets draws in excess of 5 million visitors a year. The local school system is a state academic award winning educational system and we are within 30 minutes of three universities and four technical college campuses.