Bottom Line: Business Diversity

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From CAD/CAM to Retail…

As the highway GA 400 corporate corridor has grown, so too has the number of diverse businesses that call Dawson County home.  Impulse Manufacturing, an award winning state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, has been recognized on national television and has been the subject of tours by multiple governors and one of the Vice-President’s of the United States.  Impulse boasts fully computerized CAD/CAM workshops that provide precision components to several Fortune 500 corporations.  SleeveCo Inc. is also headquartered in Dawson County providing its proprietary shrink-wrap labeling to a host of recognized brands across the U.S., including CocaCola.  LabDepot calls Dawson County home, and it provides laboratory supplies and research equipment to clients such as the Center for Disease Control, Emory University, numerous hospitals, and research facilities across the nation.  AmeriVap Inc. fabricates a full line of industrial dry steam sanitization equipment from its Dawson County headquarters.  With a critical need to insure the health and safety of all citizens, AmeriVap’s equipment cleans food processing lines without harsh chemicals for firms like Nestle, sanitizes surgery theaters in many noted hospitals plus insures the health and well-being of large institutional facilities across the country.  Add the Premium Outlet Mall and its 140, and growing, upscale stores, and Dawson boasts a diversity of commercial and industrial businesses.