Bottom Line: Convenience

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A Wide Variety of Benefits…

Dawson County, as outer suburban Metro Atlanta, has access to all of the benefits of Atlanta without the traffic, pollution, water issues, and congestion that robs businesses of their efficiencies when located within the city.  Convenience also extends to local B2B.  Dawson-based businesses have an easier ability to connect with others in their industry, benefit from a strong chamber of commerce and garner supplier loyalty faster from being in the county.  Deliveries are quicker and simpler, workers enjoy shorter commute times, and the local government is set up as a one-stop shop for all types of permits and services.  Dawson County makes it easier for businesses to be productive and progressive.  At the same time our proximity to greater Atlanta means that advanced services, world class universities, diversified and mobile workforce, acclaimed cultural venues, strong financial and investment centers, and a myriad of professional organizations are a matter of minutes from the county.  When selecting Dawson County, businesses enjoy the convenience of both the natural aspects of the outer suburbs and Atlanta’s metropolitan energy.