Bottom Line: Innovation

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Not Just Technology…

With the completion of the $41 million North Georgia Network (NGN), Dawson County has confirmed its competitive place in a national cadre of communities that offer world class broadband capacity and lightning fast access to the world through the Web.  NGN brings to Dawson County true, affordable Internet capacity in the Gigabit range.  That capacity is easily expandable into Terabit levels, making Dawson County a member of a very stratospheric group within the United States that offers massive communications capabilities.  Innovation is not just about broadband capacity.  The talent, experience, and training capabilities required by innovative leaders all reside locally within Dawson County and the entire North Georgia region.  This means a new business can hire high tech employees and those employees can learn advanced techniques locally as a firm’s technology expands.  Innovation is about attitude.  The Dawson County government, its educational institutions, and its citizens support technology, use technology, and are always looking forward to what is possible.  With a University that offers advanced degrees that has a highly ranked IT department; with the State’s Manufacturing Innovation Center for Robotics; and with a nationally recognized MBA program all within minutes of Dawson County, the locale is truly the center of North Georgia’s exploding innovation movement.