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Talent in Dawson County, the Dawson Area and North Atlanta…

Dawson County is surrounded by seven counties, two of which are suburbs of Atlanta.  According to a 2011 Georgia Department of Labor report, the two suburbs alone have a labor force in excess of 200,000 people to compliment Dawson County’s work force of 11,358.  However, the entire seven surrounding counties have a labor force of 355,006. In addition, Dawson County businesses can also draw on the work force embedded in heavily populated North Atlanta which can be an estimated 30-45 minute commute in many cases.  As a matter of fact, 14 percent of persons working in Dawson County come from the one surrounding county that is closest to Atlanta.  Conversely, although 34.5 percent of the Dawson County work force is employed locally, 35.1 percent commute to the southern surrounding county, with 14.9 percent of the workers commuting further into Fulton County — the inner most city of Atlanta county.

According to the 2010 Census, 21.9 percent of the Dawson Area population between the ages of 18-65 has some college education and 19 percent have earned a four year college degree. In the time frame of 2006-2010, 84.6 percent of the population graduated high school.

Of the total civilian labor work force, the largest worker group is Management, Business, and Financial workers with 1072 in Dawson County and 34,044 in the Dawson Area.  The next largest group is Administrative Support with 1434 in Dawson County and 36,939 in the Dawson Area.  Sales Workers totaled 983 and 31,854 along with Production Operatives of 828 and 22,934 respectively in Dawson County and Area.

The entire Dawson Area to North Atlanta work force potential is impacted by the prestigious powerhouse universities and colleges near Dawson County to guarantee an educated workforce as well as inspire targeted recruitment.  The University of Georgia is nearby in Athens while Atlanta’s Georgia Tech and Georgia State University are less than 60 minutes from Dawson County; Agnes Scott and Morehouse Colleges add to the spectacular labor pool potential.  Locally, higher learning is supported by the North Georgia College & State University which is approximately 25 minutes from the city of Dawsonville, the private Brenau University, and Gainesville State College (both 35 to 40 minutes to the east), as well as Southern Catholic College and a Lanier Technical College campus located in Dawsonville with two other technical campus locations in nearby cities.


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